ProLingua Consulting

Regina Landeck

As owner of the company, I take pride in the work we do. Our mission is to provide effective translations that communicate the meaning and spirit of the original documents and keep the communicative intent intact.

Regina Landeck, M.A. (Translation)
Certified Translator, Canada

About Us

ProLingua Consulting is a Canadian-based company, located in Edmonton, Alberta.  We specialize in translation and interpretation services in English and German.  Our fields of expertise include:

  • Law
  • Corporate communications (press releases, brochures, catalogues, web sites, etc.)
  • Business / Finance
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Certified translations into English or German for official purposes (immigration, court proceedings, international qualifications assessments, etc.)

ProLingua Consulting was established in 1998 by Regina Landeck, a certified translator for the language combinations English to German and German to English.  Since then, the company has established an international network of qualified translators to offer top-quality work. Using the time zone difference to our advantage, we can often deliver overnight services at “daytime prices”.

Professional Affiliations