ProLingua Consulting

Why use a professional translator?

Translators are specialists in written communication who render texts from one language into another.  They have a thorough knowledge of the source language and mastery of the target language.  In addition they must have wide-ranging general knowledge and be particularly sensitive to the context of documents they are translating.  As the product of translation is the written word, translators must be excellent writers in addition to being accomplished linguists.

Mirror Lake by Frank Carmichael

Our Services


ProLingua Consulting focuses on providing professional, accurate and context-sensitive translations.  We specialize in the language combinations German to English and English to German.  When assessing your text, we consider the following:

  • Type of document: is your text a contract, a user manual, a company brochure, a website or financial report?
  • Subject-matter expertise: we match your text to the translator with experience in the particular field.  This reduces research time and allows for more accurate translations.
  • Intended readers: if you have a specific target market in mind, we will gear the language to that group of readers (e.g. general public, teenagers, experts in a specific field, etc.).

ProLingua Consulting guarantees our clients absolute confidentiality.


ProLingua Consulting offers consecutive interpretation services in Alberta.  In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the speaker has finished.  We do not offer simultaneous interpreting, which requires a booth and technical equipment.  ProLingua Consulting has provided interpretation services for

  • Examinations for discovery
  • Conferences
  • State visits
  • Red Seal apprenticeship exams etc.